Baking: with Boohoo

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Between buying a house, becoming self employed and having a toddler, not much  baking has been happening round these parts. Until now.

I didn't do much baking at our old house because there was hardly any surface space, which made life pretty tricky. But our new kitchen is both fairly spacious and has a good amount of surface to get in the baking zone. Also we now have a dishwasher which makes baking even more appealing! Totally ruins the post baking sugar high when you have a sink of sticky pans to work through.

I hadn't yet attempted baking with Ophelia and for some reason decided the GBBO inspired Boohoo baking challenge was the time. She loved getting stuck in with the cookie cutters and the lettering, which is evident from the interesting hearts.

The plan was to create this Strawberry shortbread deliciousness, however in true GBBO style, we had a dramatic collapse on transport. Thankfully the shortbread survived!

Big up Boohoo and Tala though, thanks to them I was suitably well fed and dressed for my journey to Hevyfest.


Places in Worthing: Baked

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Baked cafe Worthing

 We've been living in Worthing for about two months now, and today we finally mooched.  Yeah, you know. Ambled.  We headed into town with no real plan except stopping via the sorting office to pick up yet another parcel (work trouser in case you were interested).  I listed the cafes I had yet to visit, first we decided to try the cafe on the pier, unfortunately on this occasion there was a private function so we continued along the seafront to Baked.  Oh Baked.  My expectations for you were oh so very high, perhaps this is why I have been putting off going, fear of not meeting expectation.  Not to fear though.  Expectation was exceeded.

Best start with the cakes, because- cakes.  Anyone that follows Baked on social media will know how droolworthy their creations are and they did not disappoint on our visit.  With a counter filled to the brim with possibly the greatest variety of cakes AND quality i've ever seen, choosing was pretty hard.  For me, when it's hard to pick just one variety of cake, I know i've found a good cafe!

 The cake arrived (we picked a snickers/peanut butter brownie, and the white chocolate and raspberry brownie) and it did not disappoint.  I should start by saying the other options on offer included coffee walnut, chocolate buttercream, oreo, salted caramel.... I can't even remember them all!
 So, onto the actual goods themselves.  I got the white choc and raspberry for Callum because I know he usually likes that kinda thing, and I thought I wouldn't be interested at all.  How wrong could I be! It was the perfect balance of gooey chocolate indulgence with the resfreshing but rich depth of the real fresh raspberries.  As for the snickers PB brownie, it was all I expected and more.

Oh also, the coffee is great! The flat white was just perfect! I do not say that lightly! 

The decor is what I would call industrial chic; raw lines with natural surfaces- perfection and an appealing, welcoming environment to enjoy that flat white.    I was particularly fond on the animal based jugs, which Ophelia enjoyed pointing at when she found them hiding out in the walls.
It is a small cafe, which reminds me of most of my Brighton favourites, but I'm secretly hoping this place won't get too popular so we always get a seat. ;)  Talking of seats, a neighbouring table kindly offered to swap seats with us so we could sit next to the toys for Ophelia, sadly one of the kind soles fells off the low bench- but this gives you an idea of the type of people you may meet at this wonderful place. 

Which moves us swiftly on to the child friendly nature of the place.  Beforehand I had not expected any entertainment for Ophelia at all, and I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just I never do.  I I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find a wonderfully kept play kitchen sat ready for the toddler to investigate.  Ophelia loved it, so much so that she didn't realise we were eating brownie, let alone had saved her some! She is normally able to sniff out cake a mile away- she even woke up on her Birthday saying "CAKE"!


If you're ever in Worthing parts, I recommend you check this Social Enterprise out, but hey, don't get too comfortable yeah?! Save me a spot!

The perfect wind down

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sundays are pretty awesome no? I'm not sure why, but i'm pretty much wired up to spend, or at least wish to spend, Sundays doing as little as possible in order to be as happy as possible going in to the working week.

This Sunday I've managed to do just that! I actually spent the day in my pjamas until gone 3pm- this is unheard of in my life nowadays! And Ophelia napped for like two hours. Again, unheard of!  It remains to be on me, but still, it meant I got to watch two episodes of the wire.  Yep. Two.  Unheard of.

My family popped over mid morning for  tea, cake and present opening, but it was nice and chilled.

We only left the house (and therefore I only got dressed), to pop to our local hardware store for a fuse. #howgrownup. Before nipping to get supplies for the week ahead.

This evening I was lucky to have Callum put Ophelia to bed, which meant I had time usually spent reading her books/laying on her floor for me.  For. Me.

So what did I do?

I stuck on some candles, scrolled the heck out of spotify and stick on my favourite Barre video.

It. Felt. GOOD.

So good.

As does the glass of red wine I am sipping, to wind down for the week ahead. Of course.

How do you prepare for the week ahead? Do you see Sunday as a wind down day?

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Don't lose what makes you, you.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Since having Ophelia, there have been moments that i've found myself lost in a river (quite literally of my tears at times) of confusion and rough times, dizzy and simply trying to keep myself afloat.  Wondering what has become of me and the things that make me, me, or us, us.

In the last few months, I feel a sense of calm.  A sense of bliss.  A sense of "I don't give a fuck".  Essentially, I feel content with me.  This is a major break through for me, prior to child birth, I was an extremely insecure girl who was never happy with herself- too fat/not in the right job/too annoying/ too needy.  Heck, i'm still definitely at least one of those, but i'm okay with that.  I can't put my finger on why that is, am I too busy to care? Got more important things to worry about? Or have I just finally learnt to accept my flaws and embrace the good things in life?  Either way, it feels good.

So, what makes me me?
  • My borderine inappropriate humour.
  • My love of red wine and/or cider.
  • My rowdy nature when drunk.
  •  My love of Japanese animation.
  • My love for Catfish.
  • My love for terribe music. Pop punk.
  • My fickle nature.
  • My love for healthy foods.
  • My love for sweet things!
  • My love of a good documentary.
  • My love for squash faced animals.
  • My addiction to stationery.
  • My tendancy to fall asleep at 8pm.
  • My love for sleep.
  • My love for exercising.
  • My love for my cat.
  • My contradictory nature.
  • My keen interest in learning. 
So tell me, what makes you, you?! 

LIFE: A day out to Marwell Zoo

As I mentioned before, Callum and I ensure we research days out in advance in order to ascertain if we are ethically happy to go.  Marwell zoo was a pretty solid yes, especially once we heard about their Conservation and sustainability projects.  2nd Birthday celebrations were had!

At an incredible 140 acres, the zoo really felt spacious and luxurious compared to others we have visited, and immediately I was struck by how much space the animals appeared to have.  Not only that, but you could tell how much thought and care had gone into planning the enclosures to create engaging and comfortable places to live.

We began at Penguin cove, and as soon as Ophelia's eyes caught site of the swimming shapes, she was keen to see what they were! We headed for a closer look at the swimming penguins, enjoying them playing and basking in the cool water, before we headed down to see them under the water.  I wondered if Ophelia might worry, after her recent Sealife centre encounters, but she was happy as larry watching and laughing as the penguins showed off their diving skills.  I think it helped that a) you weren't fully under water and b) it wasn't busy with people.

Next we headed past the cheetas to the giraffes.  Ophelia has a book about a "silly giraffe", which she loves and has been known to mutter "silly giraffe" randomly, but I never thought she would love seeing them in real life quite so much!  We entered as the giraffes had just started eating and Ophelia was truly mesmorised! We were so close we could probably have touched them, and Ophelia took great pleasure in studying the way they ate and drank.  So much so that 5 days later she keps imitating them!  Yet the Ostriches that she was SO desperate to see in real life....yep.  Not mentioned them since. ><

After two visits to the giraffes, we headed to lunch via the leopards, rhinos, meercats and zebras.  What I love about Marwell is how everything just seems to well laid out, we managed to walk the whole thing without need for the trains or our buggy.

After lunch we did a quick pitstop to the tiger, Ophelia loved how close it was and kept gesturing and saying "paw, tiger sleepin'".

Ophelia fell in love with the mongeese that appeared to be following her as she walked past, she shrieked and danced with glee!

The lemars were a real hit with Ophelia too, which was probably helped by the fact we were closely following the zoo keeper feeding them.  Ophelia kept asking to go in the enclosures and laughed a big head rolling laugh when they ate and hung "upside down".  We, predictably came away with a stuffed lemar (toy, not like literal!) and two giraffe related items!

I'm so glad we came here for her 2nd Birthday, the impact it has had on her already is recognisable and I can't wait to return when she is older!

Have you been to Marwell zoo before?

House warming be-be-que!

Friday, 24 July 2015

As you may or may not be aware, we've been living in our new home for nearly two months (wowzers thats flown by) and have been meaning to have a proper 'do' but not had the chance!

We're desperate to invite our nearest and dearest over for a seasonal bbq, but the weather seems to be rather temperamental at the moment, so we've had to hide the bbq under a cover for the meantime!

But when the sun does decide to come out, i've got it all planned out what we'll do!


I really love experimenting with salads at the moment, so I would probaby make a few different ones, like the bright salad^ by Deliciously Ella, a coleslaw and even a potato salad. 
A mixture of those would go perfectly with any of the mouthwatering recipes that Volition Removals have come up with.  I'm especially keen on the chicken and chorizo skewers, I would live off chorizo if I could!


I'm obsessed with Sangria at the moment, so you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be doing a carafe of white and red at the very least!My aim is to work my way through this buzzfeed list of easy to make sangria, i'm already in love with the one in the picture, which is basically made with blood orange soda (so addictive!). 


We're off to Hevyfest in a few weeks time, so it'd have to be a Spotify playlist of my favourite bands going- Coheed, Thrice and the Get up kids!

What's top of your BBQ wish list at the moment?

*Post written in collaboration but words my own.

LIFE: A day trip to Brighton Sea life centre

Sunday, 19 July 2015

We are quite conscientious regarding where we take Ophelia and what we teach her about the world, ensuring we read as much as we can regarding welfare and ethics regarding places like zoos before we decide whether to take her or not.

The Sea life centre is borderline for me, I have issues with Seaworld  so naturally feel uncomfortable in similar situations, however I also recognise the importance of these institutions to greater animal good- of which the sea life centre seem to do large amounts.

We headed to the Sea life centre on possibly the hottest day of the year so far, and thus the busiest day in Brighton of the year.  But hey, what kinda people go to an indoor attraction on the hottest day of the year?! Just about every foreign student visiting Brighton it seems!

The trip started off well, oh wait, backtrack-  Ophelia predictably fell asleep when we were about ten minutes from going in, which meant that she was miserable as sin upon waking, until we mentioned turtles.

Walking down the rainbow corridor; the lure of giant crabs, touching a crab and attempting to touch rays- life as a toddler was pretty sweet.  Until we saw sting rays, and for some reason this set her off on a tornado of discontent.  In fairness to her, foreign students really kill my mood too, especially when they push/shout in your face/generally show no concept of personal space/skills.

But it wasn't just the foreign student it seems, crawling through things is pretty scary apparently, as are lizards and anacondas.... oh wait (!).  But really, I think being underwater (through a tunnel- yeah see, confusing even for you!), was just too much for that little toddler brain!

So basically, don't go to the Sea life centre on the busiest day of the year y'all.