Coggings and go

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Ciderwithsophie: Coggings and co delivery review

Before I start, I should probably begin with crediting my dear boyfriend for coming up with that witty blog title!

You know when you think "ahhh they should really {insert something that should really happen here}" - and then it happens?! And you feel like all your dreams have come true/ your ships all came in/ all your prayers have been answered etc etc.... well this is a tale of such happenings!

I was about to type and link to the post I wrote about my love for Coggings and Co....but apparently I never wrote it?! Say WUT?!

So here is the low down, I wrote about the best burger in the world but it turns out that was actually in fact the second best burger in the world.  Because later in the year we went to Coggings and Co and it changed my life! I'm not gonna pretend i'm some kind of burger expert and blab on about taste, bun consistency so you just gotta trust me on this one I'm afraid. Oh wait, I found a photo:

Anyway, enough of the back story! A few weeks ago I really wanted a Coggings burger but alas had no babysitter and hummed and ahhed about whether dragging a sleeping toddler to cure my burger fix, was appropriate. Apparently it's not.  But fear not, because last week I found out that I can now get Coggings right to my door.

Thanks to Dine in I got the chance to trial this new fab dabby service where you can get your favourite, local restaurant's meals delivered (!).  Crazy shit right?

It really is genius! It was the day before pay day and neither of us could be bothered to cook, so I quickly logged onto Dine in, signed up and in UNDER AN HOUR (!!) it had been delivered to Callum's work. I genuinely couldn't believe it and was really very grateful!

The website is really straight forward to use, especially in times of hunger induced brain fuzz (I'm surely not the only one to suffer from this?) and one of my favourite bits was the fact you can pick a time period for it to be delivered.  So if you suddenly remember you need to pop out for some milk, no worries because you'll know when you have to make sure you're in for! Unfortunately I had a bit of a problem logging in on my phone, but I think that's likely to be due to my phone more than anything else!

The site also has a slightly stalkerish feature (which of course I love), where you can sit and watch at what stage your meal is at, therefore building up your hunger pangs ready for its arrival.  This was particularly useful in our case where we were getting the meal delivered to work, therefore wanted as less waiting around time post work time as poss! The boyfriend tells me that the spider diagram-esque wheel (of food fortune) on the site for updating the progress is particularly wonderful.

Well done Dine in, I can't wait for more of my favourite local restaurants to be deliverable!

Betcha didn' know...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

I was tagged aggggges ago by Ourseasidebaby to answer some questions and I had completely forgotten until Wave to Mummy reminded me earlier this week! 

So without further ado; 
If you could live in any year or era which would it be and why?  I find it hard to solidly commit to the desire for living in a particular era seriously, due to not knowing enough about them in order to weigh it up fully.  HOWEVER! On a shallow level, I love 50s and 60s fashion so would probably liked to have been in my 20s in those eras. Describe yourself in five words-  Friendy, sarcastic, easily distracted, open minded, empathetic.  
What is the kindest thing you have ever done for someone? Told them the truth.
Where do you live and what are your top three things about the location? I live in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.  I love that we have both the seaside and the countryside on our doorstep. I also love that on a Saturday I can go into the City and be surrounded by people for the hustle and bustle but can go for a walk along Seven sisters on a Sunday followed by a roast.  This City is pretty inspiring I find.   Which is the best country you have ever visited and why? I have to say, the best City I have visited is Berlin, it just felt so right to be there and the atmosphere just made me feel immediately at home.  I love the history, arts scene and way of life- I can't wait to explore more of Germany.  If you won one million pounds what would be the first thing you bought? A new car! I always wanted a figaro but they're not really meant for children are they?! Maybe a Fiat 500 would be more appropriate? I would do other boring stuff like pay off debt, enable my parents to retire, not work, return to education.....the list is endless! 

If you could change any aspect of your life (without any complications) what would it be and why? I hate to be boring but I honestly don't think I would change anything? I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a purpose, and things that go wrong are to be learnt from.  At the moment I would probably only choose to work less (wouldn't we all?!).  
Who or what is the greatest love of your life? (I stole this question from the Guardian newspaper): I love learning; when you come across something that incites interest and you yearn to know more about it in order to make an informed choice.  Then once you have done, forming that opinion and it then becoming part of your toolkit to inform the rest of your life. 

Are you an introvert or extrovert? I think i'm both! When people meet me they always say how confident and outgoing I am, but a lot of my favourite  activities are insular, and I have a tendency to become quite introverted when trying to work through more challenging periods of time.
What is your greatest achievement to date? Juggling parenthood with a career.
Don't you feel like you CiderwithSophie inside out now?!

Proud parent moments

Thursday, 22 January 2015

 I'm not going to lie, as Ophelia gets older, not many days go past that I don't think how proud I am of her.  Lets be honest, that's pretty normal for a parent.  But these last few days that feeling has been ten fold as other people have been saying the nicest things which have left me beaming from ear to ear:
  • Kindness- For a while now her nursery have often recounted tales of Ophelia's kindness (back a few months ago her friend was upset so she gave her a cuddle) and recently her new class key worker told me how kind she had been that day.  That day happened to be the day her best friend from her old class was settling in, and it evidently wasn't going all too well for the poor cherub.  Apparently she was crying, so Ophelia went and took an armful of cuddly toys and gave them to her! Seriously, what amazing empathy and thoughfulness!
  • Getting involved- Ophelia has only been in her new class properly for a week but she seemed to love it pretty much from the word go.  They updated her online journal after her first day with this picture:
Apparently she is always so keen to get involved in activities and is always trying to play with the other children, supposedly this is quite unusual at her age- she's evidently just desperate/needy to be around people!
  •  Manners- Ophelia has been able to sign "Please" and "Thank you" for many months now and it has really helped at home to limit her tantrums when she wants something.  However it is only in the last few days that Nursery have said how good her manners are and how she says them all the time in appropriate instances.  This makes me feel super proud that already we are bringing her up with good manners! Even better, I saw her using manners with her friends the other day when her friend passed her coat to her and Ophelia signed "thank you" to her.    
 Today is definitely one of those days where I've finished the day with a feeling that we must be doing something right- I just need to hold onto this when she is next having a melt down when I take the cloth off her after shes been cleaning the floor for 20 minutes (yes, seriously!). 

What has your child been up to that you're proud of at the moment?

Why I probably won't be making any goals for 2015.....!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

As I sit here on New years eve 2014 having just bundled my daughter off to her Nanna and Grandad's for the second day running, and on my FOURTEENTH consecutive day of illness (yes, I STILL haven't got my voice back!).  I can't help but feel that that opening sentence summarizes 2014 for our family! Of course, lots of other things happened; Ophelia started nursery, I returned to work after maternity leave, Callum started a new job, Ophelia turned one... but our steady, consistent friend thoughout the year was illness.  Whether it is the serious illnesses that took two of my family members to their graves, or the colds/chicken pox/noro virus that Ophelia picked up from nursery,  meaning that not a month went past in 2014 that Ophelia wasn't sent home from nursery.  

Before Christmas, I set myself two goals as the minimum I wanted to achieve before returning to work; Cleaning and hoovering the car and ...(I've actually forgotten the other)!  I did this thinking I wouldn't be ill much longer (I thought I was being realistic but evidently that was optimistic!), I hoped I would get lots of other things done too. How wrong was I?! Therefore, through fear of 2015 carrying on in the same vein, I shall not be making the same mistake!

This isn't to say i'll  be starting 2015 feeling sorry for myself, no siree! Whilst my time off work over the festive period may not have been utilised quite how I would have liked, these last few days have given me a chance to read through one of the best things ever given to me.

Back in Summer, my wonderful pal gave me "The Happiness project" to read and although I managed a few pages here and there, it has only been in the last few days that I've managed to really whiz through it.  This book will be my bible going forward, and has already given me excitement for the year ahead.  I am therefore making "happiness resolutions" like Gretchen does in the book.

-Give each other warm greetings and farewells
-Under-react to a problem
-Go on monthly adventures
-Remember now

A few years ago Lauren gave me the "Happiness project: one sentence journal" and i've been keeping up with it really well these last few months.  It has really helped stay positive over the festive period when i've been ill, because it's been those small happy memories that have left footprints more so than the illness.

Some of my favourites are:

22nd December 2014- "Ophelia pulling a clean vest off the washing line and blowing her nose with it".
25th December 2014- "Ophelia performing magic tricks for Callum's family- hiding things behind her ear and saying 'ta-da'".
26th December 2014- "Ophelia shrieking at the puppies excitedly and chasing after her friend Roman".
28th December 2014- "Ophelia sitting on the bottom step next to Inara, grinning"

Happy 2015 everyone! 

HOME: Home sense Brighton blogger event.

Friday, 5 December 2014


 On Wednesday I was kindly invited by Fiona to spend time at the Brighton Home sense store.  I don't remember ever having been in the Brighton store, and only going into the Chichester store once- but my family rave about it so I thought it was a great opportunity to check it out!

We were greeted with some lovely festive edible treats and two games in order to win a £50 Home Sense voucher- guess the overall cost of four objects and pick out your "Must have" items. 

I wandered round the store at varying points with Nat, Katie, Sophie and Lyndsay and loved looking at the Christmas bits! Above are a pick of my favourites; imagine some mulled wine or cider in those jugs-amazing?!I was also eyeing up some copper saucepans, see- when I told you I'm obsessed with copper- I meant it!

I also got some great ideas for Christmas presents including very reasonably priced craft stuff, pet stuff, cushions and lanterns!

I was lucky enough to win a £50 voucher so cannot wait to go back in and see what I can get for my money.  Alternatively, i'm tempted to blow it all (and more!) on a Globe drink cabinet!

Thanks very much Fiona and Home sense for a fab time!

HOME: New year, new home-living room wishlist

Thursday, 4 December 2014

New year, new home wishlist

Rustic rug

Miami home furniture

House Collage Frame

House Collage Frame

Spiral Knitted Pod

Tomorrow we have 4 house viewings, yes-FOUR! With that in mind, it is the perfect time for me to create a lust list! Did you know that Estate agents' websites get the highest views of the year in the week between Christmas and New year?! Crazy stuff!

-Sofa: Callum will be rolling his eyes because he knows what i'm about to say- I HATE OUR SOFA!!! We bought our sofa when we moved into our 1 bed flat in hove, i.e. before I had to sit on it to breast feed for hours on end, laboured on it, slept on it..... and it is only after doing all those things that I have grown to hate it! It is far too deep which means that to enable my feet to be on the floor, I have to slouch backwards which pushes my pelvis forward. Uncomfortable or what! Anywho, enough about our current sofa, oh, except to say that I've also been on at Callum that we should have a wipeable, leather sofa!(He doesn't agree).
-Long armed angled lamp:  I am a bit (lot) in love with copper home related wares- is this what happens at my age?!  This beauty first caught my eye in local company, Edited's mint colour.  It also comes in yellow, so yeah- i'll have one of each ta!
-Knitted pods aka pouffe: I have been keen on nabbing one of these for quite a while but had been convincing myself it would be added to the never ending-(never-tackled) "Sophie will knit" list.  Needless to say, I have given up on that idea and will be buying one!
-I'm a bit obsessed with house shaped items that attach to my wall. I now need to find lots of things that fit in them! Maybe I just need to start collecting thimbles or such?!

Let me know if you've spotted any awesome home buys recently, i'll add it to the ever growing list! 

Are you like me and dreaming of pretty interiors for the New year?

*Post written in collaboration with PR

Blogmas: Christmas traditions

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

1).  Opening one present at midnight on Christmas day.
2).  Having turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce on Boxing day.
3).  Waiting for my sister until we both open our stockings.
4).  Satsumas in our stockings (even now).
5).  Bucks fizz for breakfast.
6). Boxing day walk.
7. Watching Christmas 24 tv channel as much as possible.

What are your Christmas traditions?