HOME: Home sense Brighton blogger event.

Friday, 5 December 2014


 On Wednesday I was kindly invited by Fiona to spend time at the Brighton Home sense store.  I don't remember ever having been in the Brighton store, and only going into the Chichester store once- but my family rave about it so I thought it was a great opportunity to check it out!

We were greeted with some lovely festive edible treats and two games in order to win a £50 Home Sense voucher- guess the overall cost of four objects and pick out your "Must have" items. 

I wandered round the store at varying points with Nat, Katie, Sophie and Lyndsay and loved looking at the Christmas bits! Above are a pick of my favourites; imagine some mulled wine or cider in those jugs-amazing?!I was also eyeing up some copper saucepans, see- when I told you I'm obsessed with copper- I meant it!

I also got some great ideas for Christmas presents including very reasonably priced craft stuff, pet stuff, cushions and lanterns!

I was lucky enough to win a £50 voucher so cannot wait to go back in and see what I can get for my money.  Alternatively, i'm tempted to blow it all (and more!) on a Globe drink cabinet!

Thanks very much Fiona and Home sense for a fab time!

HOME: New year, new home-living room wishlist

Thursday, 4 December 2014

New year, new home wishlist

Rustic rug

Miami home furniture

House Collage Frame

House Collage Frame

Spiral Knitted Pod

Tomorrow we have 4 house viewings, yes-FOUR! With that in mind, it is the perfect time for me to create a lust list! Did you know that Estate agents' websites get the highest views of the year in the week between Christmas and New year?! Crazy stuff!

-Sofa: Callum will be rolling his eyes because he knows what i'm about to say- I HATE OUR SOFA!!! We bought our sofa when we moved into our 1 bed flat in hove, i.e. before I had to sit on it to breast feed for hours on end, laboured on it, slept on it..... and it is only after doing all those things that I have grown to hate it! It is far too deep which means that to enable my feet to be on the floor, I have to slouch backwards which pushes my pelvis forward. Uncomfortable or what! Anywho, enough about our current sofa, oh, except to say that I've also been on at Callum that we should have a wipeable, leather sofa!(He doesn't agree).
-Long armed angled lamp:  I am a bit (lot) in love with copper home related wares- is this what happens at my age?!  This beauty first caught my eye in local company, Edited's mint colour.  It also comes in yellow, so yeah- i'll have one of each ta!
-Knitted pods aka pouffe: I have been keen on nabbing one of these for quite a while but had been convincing myself it would be added to the never ending-(never-tackled) "Sophie will knit" list.  Needless to say, I have given up on that idea and will be buying one!
-I'm a bit obsessed with house shaped items that attach to my wall. I now need to find lots of things that fit in them! Maybe I just need to start collecting thimbles or such?!

Let me know if you've spotted any awesome home buys recently, i'll add it to the ever growing list! 

Are you like me and dreaming of pretty interiors for the New year?

*Post written in collaboration with PR

Blogmas: Christmas traditions

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

1).  Opening one present at midnight on Christmas day.
2).  Having turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry sauce on Boxing day.
3).  Waiting for my sister until we both open our stockings.
4).  Satsumas in our stockings (even now).
5).  Bucks fizz for breakfast.
6). Boxing day walk.
7. Watching Christmas 24 tv channel as much as possible.

What are your Christmas traditions? 

Christmas: Etsy wishlist

Sunday, 30 November 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, my trip to Craftaganza got me all inspired as to some lovely things I may actually want for Christmas.  So, without further ado, here is a wish list or gift guide of sorts (even though I said I wouldn't, oh well!):

'Brighton Etsy Christmas wishlist' by sophiewearing

Papercut: I Like to Howl at ...

Art print large: The Tiny Bo...

Bird Collar Clips - Pair Of ...

Aries Star Sign Constellatio...

Bird Wooden Brooch

There Is Thunder In Our Hear...

Bird Wooden Collar Clips
Click on the picture to go to the listing :).

Have you created any etsy treasuries? If so, leave the links below- i'm always looking out for new people to follow! Equally, if you're an Etsy seller and think I'll like your stuff, link below!

Craft: Could today BE any crafty-er?!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The answer to that ^ is simply: NO.

It all started when the Postman arrived at 10am and these fell through the door:

Cue: SQUEEE. [More on this later-the books not the squee-ing].

I'm not 100% sure how I refrained from flicking through but I somehow did as I readied myself to go to the next installment of crafty day: Craftaganza.

I've blogged about Craftaganza before here , and I really do love it for finding new local talent.  So much so that i've found I need to rein myself in a bit, ever since I went and spent a ridiculous amount of money on myself. But not this time, oh no, this time I was determined to only buy for others- and somehow I managed to keep to that! Not to say that this didn't stop me lusting over stuff for myself and actually making a mental list of items I need in my life!

Claire, and her stall, and her work, are super! I forgot that I actually saw her stall before when I went to Craftaganza with some friends when I was pregnant. One of my friends bought me her print that you can half see in the box (a girl on a bird) as a baby shower gift- and I ADORE it! My eyes were drawn to her stall by the wolf and wave prints, but also her gorgeous cushions and kid packs.  Something just made me think this style oozed of my print, and so a quick flick through her prints revealed the afore mentioned gift.  We had a lovely chat as well and she really was great!

 Claire and Amy really are crafting legends in this fair city of ours,  and they very kindly posed (in the right positions an' everythin') for my photo.   

 This stall was selling unique lamps like i've never seen before. Yes, that is a camera as the base! Beautiful AND upcycling too! 

I loved the wonderfully different jewellery on this stall, using a variety of sources and textures, I particularly liked the metal and clay necklaces.  

There were lots more things I loved, but there's another post coming up on that!

Last but no means least, Skye and I tottered off to Taj tea parlour for a craft event run by Hillarys blinds and Joe Bloggers.  It was a chance for us to make some bunting and baubles, eat biscuits and of course get an intro into Hillarys latest collection of fabrics. The workshop was run by the fab, local duo Make, Do & Trend. 

The boys from Hillarys blinds were sat with us and were not afraid to get stuck in, in fact, i'm pretty sure they did better than us but shhhh.  I loved seeing the fabrics and working with them first hand, it really helped me conceptualise what the fabric would be best used for.  What it also helped with, was challenging my perception of the types of fabric I like and what goes together.  When I first glimpsed at the three fabrics we were given, they didn't stand out to me as something I had any emotive feeling for.  However, by creating a bauble with the three fabrics, I could see how they complimented each other without overwhelming or being too 'busy'- I can imagine this to be useful when considering room decorating.  

Other bloggers that attended (but annoying, being stuck on a low sofa behind a table meant I wasn't able to chat to :():

If I missed anyone, which i'm sure I have, please let me know! 

Whilst small, I really liked the venue and need to return for a cup of tea with a pal in future! Is there a better combo than crafting, hot drinks and sweet things?! I. Don't. Think. SO.

So, how crafty was your weekend? 

LIFE & CRAFT: Chores are Bores.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Oh hello you! Yes I know I seemed to fall off the face of the earth and i'm sure some of you were worried-but don't you worry, I have returned. Just in time too really, to tell you about my brand spanking new and quite frankly life changing craft gadgets!

But first, a little back story because we all love a good sob story on a Saturday night don't we?!
You may remember my post a few months ago about World Pomination and my quest to make a pom pom bigger than a fork.  WELL! You can imagine how excited I was when the, quite frankly lovely lovely lovely, folk at Money Supermarket stepped up to the task and delivered not one, not two but three pompom makers- one of which is heart shaped.  Yes, you did read that right-Heart. Shaped.

But why, I hear you cry?! Why the devil would they be so nice?!

The reason they started the ‘Balance Transfer Your Life’ activity was because they know that some people end up paying high interest rates on their credit card debts. Although there are offers available which let you transfer your outstanding balance to a zero per cent balance transfer card, leaving you interest free on your debt until the deal expires, it’s something which is easy to put off. Despite being a big money saver, the process of sorting it is one of those little tasks that we put on the back burner, even though we know has a great outcome. I for one know I am very guilty of doing this, along with changing Doctor's surgeries, hoovering, cleaning the car.... the list is endless! In fact, at times recently I would have quite liked to balance transfer my whole life!  

Like finding a credit card with a free balance transfer, there are loads of these little niggling tasks that we just keep putting off, which is why MoneySupermarket is getting involved and offering you the chance to ‘balance transfer your life’ – no matter what the little chore! 

 So, if you fancy palming your annoying tasks off on someone else (who wouldn't want to?!) then you can enter the competition and have your life changed like mine!   It's as easy as sending a tweet!

P.S It really has changed my life!

So if you could balance transfer anything in your life, what would it be?! 

Crafty Beggars launch @ Hobbycraft

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Crafty beggarsOn Friday, I was incredibly lucky to be invited by Hobbycraft to get a sneak peek at the brand new craft programme that is starting on TLC in the next few weeks; Crafty Beggars.

As I arrived at my local Hobbycraft, I obviously had to have a quick look around the store and pick up some much needed essentials.  It was then straight into Haskins where I was greeted with Prosecco, the best chicken skewers you've seen and a tables of crafty fun.

I got chatting to some lovely and inspirational gals and guys who are involved in the programme, but you'll have to watch it to find out more about them! Julie (Peasgood) and Wendy came and sat with me: they were genuinely warm hearted ladies and really easy to chat to.  You can tell that this programme is their baby and they have a lot of love for upcycling and crafting. 

The premise of Crafty Beggars is quite different to recent craft programmes; two teams of contestants go head to head in a bid to see whose handmade crafts can make the most cash.  I really cannot believe what some of the contestants were able to produce and the ridiculous bargains they found! Not only does it mean using their bargaining, blagging, sourcing, upcycling and craftmanship skills but it also requires them to consider how to price things, what people might like and how to display them. 

 I think the two threads work really well to make this programme something I will want to watch again and again! Not only that, but each episode features someone who makes a living producing and selling their handmade works of art.  I particularly liked this aspect because it's great for local and small buisnesses to spread the word further, and as a consumer I always like discovering new small buisnesses. And look out for the Crafty Beggars Basket; curious array of items that upon returning from the ad break we see what those items have turned into.  I love it! It's really got me inspired again, so watch this space for needle felting and local sellers blog posts.

 I really can't wait to watch all seven episodes and fingers crossed there will be more series, I think  it's exactly the kind of craft programme we need; accessible, resourceful and inspiring. So before you go and stock up on lots of new resources or throw things away, think to yourself "why bin it, when it can be turned into something beautiful"?

Crafty Beggars starts 3rd November at 9am on TLC.